Let me start with an example everybody can relate to. Imagine you set the goal to wake up half an hour earlier everyday so you will not be stressed in the morning, practice some Yoga or to finish some chores before heading to work or university. Although it is not everybody’s goal to wake up earlier, it functions as the best practice example. Anyway, your alarm clock is ringing and in that exact moment that you wake up, your thoughts start to fill your refreshed mind and you are so overwhelmed that you choose one of these 100 thoughts and use it as an excuse: ‘I will definitely start with my routine tomorrow ’, ‘I really don’t feel like waking up so early today’ or ‘now I can snooze for 30 minutes – great’! If you can see yourself in what I am describing, you should continue reading.

Old legend says that there are two wolves in each of us. One of them is positive and beneficial; the other one is negative and destructive. Both fight for control over us and the one you feed the most, will win and take control. Hence, thoughts seem to determine feelings and the feelings influence our actions. To me, this is one of the most important life lessons I learnt. However, in the end, ths is a choice that you are free to make and said decision does not only affect your behavior, mood or your actions but ultimately determines your mental health.

If we have a look at top sport athletes, we notice that most of them are on the same physical level. By assessing their performance, some, naturally, are doing better than others. But consider that it is only possible to observe the physical performance of an athlete; you do not know whether an athlete is dealing with pressure, if he is making the right decisions in the right moment or if he is really aiming for the gold medal and rather than silver? The mental ability seems to play a big role and you probably never really heard about everybody’s secret because it is quite difficult to measure.

Therefore I want to empower you to pay attention to your thoughts. You feel depressed during the winter time? Or have a bad mood on a rainy day? Not a surprise, because everybody is talking about a winter depression and you believe in it. Let me help you: Stop feeding your bad wolf.

Until now you seem to get the point of how your thoughts affect your mental health but you are probably still struggling to match your thoughts with the problem in the beginning. Well, you might think that not everyone can be a morning person and you will never feel like waking up early. Wait, did you get it? The only reason you will never feel like waking up early is because you are always telling yourself that you won’t. So how should you ever be able to become a morning person? There are so many people out there thinking that one day something or someone will happen to them that will change what they always wanted to change. Could be regarding their health, about being happier, having a better relationship or any other wish you could think of. But you will never have the perfect amount of time to change stuff, you have to make time and do the right thing. The problem of motivation is that it fades away so quickly, you already feel demotivated when are just about start. Now, you are left with only two choices: Either use those tiny boosts of motivation or accept that you will never feel motivated enough to reach your specific goal. If you choose option A try to include other people in your plan and tell them about it. You will recognize that you want to keep your promise to your loved ones.

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

Henry David Thoreau

In the end everybody has to figure out his or her own way of dealing with thoughts, but for me, there are important criteria in order to control and achieve certain goals.


There is just no reason not to be! You are a miracle on your own and so lucky to be a human being!


Reimagine the waking-up-situation from before. Just do it, execute!


Accept a situation, change or leave it!


I always set my goal unrealistic high in order to break it into components and enjoy the process of reaching them all!

Of course you cannot transform yourself from one day to the other, but try to work on yourself and your thoughts continuously every day.

I am feeding my good wolf, what are you doing?

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