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You become what you think about

I want to share my journey – surfing in Iceland. For me pushing boundaries and having a goal that is so big you have to think about it every day is one reason that leads to mental health. Because it affects many parts of your life. No one is dreaming big for me – but I do!

Know This First

Behind the scenes

Welcome! I am Philipp, Phil to my friends, and the voice behind RefuelHealth. Currently 26 years old and living as sport science student in Münster in Germany. Indeed I love to do a variety of sports: CrossFit, Freeletics, weightlifting, running and I also have a big passion for surfing. I spent my youth on Langeoog – one of a few islands in the northern part of the country. Taught myself to surf six years ago, simply because till today no one else is surfing there and still only my friends and family believe that it is possible. Not being satisfied with stormy waves, I decided to do a one year surf trip in a van around New Zealand, ended up having my first reef experience at pumping Cloudbreak in Fiji, one of the best left handers in the world. But that's another story. Finishing my trip on Bali and Lombok, I found out that surfing is not just all about getting the best wave, it is also about the culture and people of other countries, learning more about yourself, the beauty of nature, experiences along the way and living the simple life in isolation.

Why Iceland?

Currently I am studying 'Human Movement in Sports & Exercise' and besides part as a working student and fitness trainer in the media concern 100TAUSENDLUX Group. In October I went to Iceland to undertake a five month scientific internship in the sports department of the Reykjavik University. Since photographer Chris Burkard is taking pictures of surfers on waves with snow covered glaciers in the background, Iceland is one of my favourite destinations. Of course South Africa or Australia was in my mind, but it would be simply to easy to grab my board and a pair of boardshorts, jumping in the ocean and surf. So many things have to be considered in Iceland: What kind of surfboard, thickness of the wetsuit, booties, gloves; harsh weather conditions, to name a few.

About RefuelHealth

RefuelHealth is dedicated to sharing unique sights prior to the stay in Iceland and beyond from the perspective of a passionate german surfer. Moreover, several topics will be covered regarding different categories. Every person is responsible for his or her own health. I am one hundred percent convinced that it is necessary to fuel your body with ingredients. For every person this may be something else, it is not all about nutrition or sports. But in the end your mental state defines your overall well-being. And to be honest, how many hours or minutes a day do you spent on your mental health compared to your physical health? RefuelHealth gives insights in the preparation for Iceland and is probably a inspiration for you to think about, what drives you and what you want to achieve in your life. Because this is not only about riding waves in Iceland, it is more about the road to Iceland – the mental process and the journey along the way!

Covered Topics

MentalHealth contains various topics concerning the trip to Iceland and beyond. I want to share my lifestyle, give tips and advices regarding different topics and insights into the preparation of my trip.

Mental Health